China Guardian 2013 Autumn Auctions: Rare Books Collection From Wang Shixiang. November 17, 2013. BJ1130


Hardback auction catalogue.
Text in English and Chinese. Original blue cloth binding. Spine head, foot and covers corners slightly worn. Illustrations in color. Pages are clean and contents are clear throughout. Binding is sound.
China Guardian 2013 Autumn Auctions: including 371 lots, ancient hand-copied, block-printed, photoprinted, lithographic printed and ancient rubbing books between others “Si Weng Yu Yi Bian and So on”, “Fang Ruo Yao Yu Tan Hua”, “Mo Yuan Hui Guan” by An Qi, “Xin Chou Xiao Xia Ji” by Wu Rongguang, “Yan Fu Bian” by Yang Enshou, “Qing He Shu Hua Fang” by Zhang Chou, “Yu Yi Lu” by Miu Yuezao, “Meng Yuan Shu Hua Lu” by Fang Junyi, “Jiang Cun XIao Xia Lu” by Gao Shiqi, “Shu Hua Jian Ying” by Li Zuoxian, “Hua Fa Yao Lu” by Yu Shaosong, “Da Guan Lu” by Wu Sheng, “Hua Yuan Mi JI” by Wu Pijiang, “Shu Ren Ji Lue” by Zhen Yun, “Jin Shi Shu Hua Ba of Tui An” by Liang Zhangju, “Xi Ke Za Zhu” by Yang Han, “The Sketchs of Tian Rang Ge” by Wang Yirong, “Lun Hua Jue Ju” by Wu Xiu, “Xue Luo Yin She”, “Song Hu Xian Sheng Ji” by Qian Du, “Three Thousand Methods of Painting Drafts of He Chao Ren Wu” by Wang Yuanxuan, “The Fourth Episode Books of Jie Zi Yuan Hua Zhuan” by Ding Gao, “Jie Zi Yuan Shu Hua”, “You Li Shan Ren Ju Pu” by Miu Pusun, “Mei DaoRen Yi Mo” by Wu Zhen, “Leng Hong Ci” by Zheng Wenzhuo, and “Yi Chao Zhu Shu” copied by Wang Shixiang.
Wang Shixiang (May 25, 1914 – November 28, 2009) was a Chinese researcher of traditional Chinese culture, leading art collector, poet, and Chinese character calligrapher. He attended first the American School in Beijing and the Yanjing University (later to become Beijing University). Wang finished his postgraduate research on the aesthetic theory of Chinese painting in 1943 and traveled to Lizhuang to join the Society for Research in Chinese Architecture. Following the defeat of Japan in 1945, he was comissioned by the Chinese Government to retrieve the many national treasures that had been looted during the occupation. Wang fulfilled the task so well that he was regarded with a position in the Palace Museum and in 1948 he won a one-year Rockefeller Scholarship to the United States and Canada. He published several books on ‘minor Chinese arts’, such as pigeons, decorative gourds, bamboo carving, crickets, etc.
Size: 8.5×10.8×1.3 inches.
382 pages.


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