Tan Zhu Ji. Selected Studies of The Oriental-Book Company

Text in Chinese and English. Illustrations in color. As new.
“Tan Zhu Ji”. Selected Studies of The Oriental-Book Company. A complementary work to “The Original Heritage” (Holly’s International Beijing Inaugural Auction Sale Catalogue, 16 October 2020)”, including articles: ” The awakening consciousness of Chinese ideas: Debate between science and life philosophy” by Ma Yong, Academic reviews by Ma Yong, Geng Yunzhi, Zuo Yuhe and Zhu Zhongyuan, “Hu Shi’s “Comments on Studies of Dream of The Red Chamber” and a hundred years of new redology” by Fan Zhibin, Academic reviews by Hu Wenbin and Qiao Fujin, “Hu Shi as of his diary: the evolution of ideas of the young Chinese student” by Chen Zishan, “A precious heritage of the new culture movement. A study on the manuscripts of Hu Shi’s diary during his overseas study and its value” by Ou Yang Zhe Sheng, Academic reviews by Chen Maiqing, Chen Zishan, Yang Hu, Song Guangbo, Xi Yunshu, Jiang Yixin, Zhou Xinming, Qin Suyin and Tang Mujia, “A micro-record of the publishing of the new culture movement. A study on the four letters from Hu Shi to Wang Yuanfang and Zhang Xilv” by Ding Xiaoming, “important resources for the study of Hu Shi’s life and thought introduction on the recent discovery of the correspondences of Hu Shi” by Song Guangbo, “Voice on paper: the legend of a publisher and two philosophers-she walks out of the Exhibition of the collections of the oriental book company” by Zhang Baoming.
Size: 8.2×11.2×0.3 inches.
127 pages.


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