The Lee Yuen Wong Collection, Kelleher & Rogers Fine Asian Auctions, 26 October, 2018 Sale Catalogue


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Paperback auction catalogue.
Text in English. Illustrations in color. Light superficial marks on covers. Spine foot slightly worn. Pages are clean and contents are clear throughout. Binding is sound.
625 lots, the Lee Yuen Wong collection including large dragon, small dragon stamps, covers from Shanghai to Chinkiang, embossed envelopes, surcharge provisional covers and Chinkiang 1894 first issue stamps, Chinese Empire and Republic: large dragons on thin paper, with wide margins, small dragon stamps, 1894-1897 Empress Dowager 60th Birthday, 1897 new currency surcharges, large figures surcharges on empress Dowager, 1897 red revenues and 1897-1909 issues Imperial Chinese post stamps, Chinese provinces, foreign offices and occupations: Nanking Provisional Neutrality overprint, Statistical Dept. Republic overprint, Maritime Customs Republic overprints, Commercial Press Republic overprint, Revolution Commemorative complete stamps, Junk London printing stamps, Junk issue first Peking printing stamps, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Hong Kong Dah Tung printing stamps, Silver Yuan flying geese stamps, Silver Yuan Kwangsi surcharge, airmail 1929 second Peking printing completes, Sinkiang, Szechuan and Yunnan airmail stamps and envelopes, French offices, German offices, Japanese offices and Russian offices in china covers, postal history selections and hand stamps, Taiwan: 1894 official stamps, horse and dragon hand stamps, surcharge in red, 1895 black flag Republic 3rd issue stamps and 1948 Dr. Sun Yat-sen and farm products, People’s republic: Liberated areas nice representative mostly mint collection, North China, North East China, Trade Union Conference, Inauguration of the People’s Republic stamps, commemoratives stamps: Mei Lan-fang completes, poems of Chairman Mao, Red flag canal, giant pandas, national science conference souvenir sheets, Qi Baishi painting souvenir sheets, 1980 year of the monkey, lotus souvenir sheets, Tien An Men 5th issue complete and military stamps.
Size: 8.3×10.8×0.2 inches.
147 pages.


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