Works of Art by Shanghai Masters, Jiahe Autumn Auctions, 22 December 2018 Sale Catalogue


Hardback auction catalogue. Text in English and Chinese. Illustrations in color. Covers bottom corner slightly bumped. Pages are clean, contents are clear throughout. Binding is sound. 88 lots including 4 parts. Lot 301-328 Tai Cang Yi Li—-Works of Art by Zhu Qi Zhan: “Colorful autumn”, “Begonia”, “Clean fragrance reaching far away”, “Morning glory”, “Fruitfulness”, “Spring flowers”, “Deep and quite courtyard”, “Blooming flowers in the mountain”, “Ink painting bamboo”, “Misty, rain and wind”, “Residing in the mountain”, “Sunny ran in early autumn”; Lot 329-340 Feng Liu Jin Jian—-Works of Art by Lu Yan Shao: “Flowing water and blooming flowers”, “Plum and stone”, “Happiness in life”, “Landscape of Emei mountain”, “Wild goose flying in the spring”, “Serenity”, “Visit friends in creek mountain”, “Springs flowing in gully in autumn”, “Flying waterfall from cloudy rocks”, “Scroll of landscape”; Lot 341-363 Yan Jiang Qiu Lan—-Works of Art by Xie Zhi Liu: “Lake stones”, “Chinese herbaceous peony in spring”, “Lotus flower opening”, “Delight in summer”, “Streams and mountains”, “Springs misty and verdant mountain”, “Pines beside flying spring flowing down from green high mountain”, “Trees with autumn smoke in remote mountains”; Lot 364-388 San Fu Si Yi—-Works of Art by Cheng Shi Fa: “Feeding map”, “Auspicious sheep”, “Young girl with a deer”, “Beautiful women picking up flowers”, “Gold and jade fill the hall”, “Fish swimming around lotus”, “Two wild ducks playing in a pond in autumn”, “Two turtledoves in litchi tree”, “Ethereal color and celestial fragrance” ,”Big auspicious sheep”, “Pastoral”, “Scenery in Yao mountain”, etc. Size: 8.8×11.5 inches. 154 pages. 


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